Tyree Boss
Ich ben das Konig!
Jim Caruso
Guy from Earth. Member since 1983. Forward.
Larry Doong
Retired player, now just doing Old Boys and social matches.  

Played actively with the Renegades from 2006-2010; starting #6 on Final Four squad from 2008-2009 season; held various offices and duties including Vice President/Secretary, Match Secretary, B-side captain, Director of Recruiting, and web admin.
Mike Duggan
Email :
Telephone : 
Ben Harper
Scorpio.  Flanker turned prop.  Much better looking than Brillo or Major Dan.
Clay Haydon
Played from 83 to 93 and now old boys.
Doug Isbecque
started playing in 1970 on original team at Norwich University, thenafter graduation and Army joined New York Rugby Club in 1973 and played there until 1991, moved down to Atlanta then and joined Renegades, pretty much retired about 2010, try to play an occasional ORBS game if schedule permits, resell IBM software
Randy Joseph
Playing Career- UGA 1974-1976
Emory Uni- 1977
Atlanta Renegades 1977-1985
GA State Uni.
Atlanta Renegades 1992-2006
Trojans U19- 2005- Present
Kennesaw State University- Established Club with Warren Mullis 2006: Head coach until 2010
N. GA College- 2010-2012
Atlanta Renegades 2013-
IRB Level 2 certification
Jim Lanzer
Started with the Renegades in 1975. Co-captain with Magoo 1975-76 as best my memory serves me. President 1994-1995. Final match with the ORBS 2004 in Fort Lauderdale. Played fullback, fly-half, and hooker, in that order. 
David Lemcoe
Played with Renegades in '84-'85. My last club.
First played for Army West Point. Also played for Ohio State, Ft Benning twice, and Ft Polk.
Played for Old Gray, Army's Old Boys until after 2010. Back surgery curtailed any more playing.
Norm Litwack
Renegade from 1981
Michael Maffett
Played for the Renegades, 1972-3 and 1975-6.  I am a retired anesthesiologist and spend much of my time on Lake Burton, GA.  I still follow rugby and the Renegades.
mike maguigan
Founding member. Business owner.
siosaia mataele
Tim McNally
Club Co-founder with Ralph Morris & John Burns, First club president 

Other clubs:  Chicago Lions, Denver Highlanders, Aspen RFC, KC Blues, Atl. High Country.  Coached:  Auburn RFC, KC Blues, Colorado College RFC, UNCG RFC,  Walton HS RFC  Chicago Lions All-60's team

Retired Investment Banker, Lane, McNally & Jackson, Inc.

Mac Miller
Retired player  / ORB
Paul Roehrig
mensa material
Duncan Seymour
I played with the Gades from 92 to 97 .was a Grand time ,met some good folk whilst playing rugby in and around G.A.
J. Snypp
Played 18 years of rugby.  Seven of those with the Renegades ('89-'96).  I am a business broker in Atlanta.   
Rufus Tyler
Played 1972-1973...maybe 1974...not sure. Lost too many brain cells.
Tim Wallis

Playing Career

Georgia State University: 1990 - 1994 (#12 / # 11)

Atlanta Renegades: 1994 - 2001 (#11 / #7 / 2nd row when begged) 

Performance history
Fall 2013/Spring 20141000