Atlanta Renegades Forever Fund

The Renegades have always been a family, a home for those that wander into town, a support group for those that need a crew and the best damn rugby club in the South.

In addition to that first time running with the ball, many of you may remember that first time you were caught at the bottom of the ruck, trying to place the ball and those moments of absolute terror before your mates arrive to save the day and blow the opposition off the ball.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is where the club is today.  The current players are at the bottom of that ruck waiting for support to arrive.

Covid has had a major impact and the numbers are down. However, Matthias Newton is back at the helm as coach and the enthusiasm is starting to grow again. The need now is the financial support of the Old Boys and friends of the club.

There have been many donors and supporters over the years and we cannot thank those individuals enough and we sincerely hope you will continue to share your generosity.  In addition to these kind souls, it is time for ALL of us to show up at that ruck.

For years we have passed the hat around when the team needed money for fields, tackle bags, jersey’s, etc. These asks were always for short term goals. 

Today, we are refocusing on the support campaign that will set this club up FOREVER!  RENEGADES FOREVER!  

 Our goal is to raise ONE MILLION DOLLARS in the next 5 years. The plan is to generate enough interest annually that we never need to touch the endowment. This effort will ensure that our club has what it needs to be the best Rugby Club in the South and the club that all players will seek out when they move to Atlanta.

 This campaign will not be easy and will take every single one of us making commitments in various ways.  Just like every player has their own set of skills on the pitch, this campaign will require a number of gifting options. Please pick the one that fits your situation best.  

5 year pledges

One time Major Contributions

Annual Contributions

Monthly Contributions

Weekly Contributions

Corporate Matches

Even estate planned contributions before we boot up for the Celestial 15.

We have roughly 200 active living Renegades. With our combined efforts, we can truly make this a reality.  Please think big! This is not a $5 ask for beer money. This is a capital call to ensure the long term viability of the club.

 Here is the link to the paypal account that we have set up specifically for Renegades Forever.  You can set up your one time or recurring gift here.  Please keep in mind that paypal is simply the collection mechanism we are using to fund the Renegades Forever account that is maintained at Wells Fargo bank.

Please start your donations as soon as you can.

If you have any specific questions about the account, the donation options, or the plans for the funds please do not hesitate to contact us directly at

Thank you all so much for the many contributions and what you mean to the club!

Renegades Forever